Finance Your Vehicle at Our Dealership!

Explore Your Financing Options with Our Financial Experts

When you’re looking for a clear payment process, look no further than our finance center. At Kurt Johnson Auto Sales, we employ a number of financial experts to guide you through the financing process of your next used vehicle purchase. They take you through your plan step by step to ensure that there are full transparency and clarity within your vehicle-payment process.

To take the first step in the car-buying journey, get pre-approved before you even walk through our doors! This will paint us a picture of who you and how long your purchase time frame is. From there, our experts can work with you to tailor a plan that works specifically for your budget. This will ensure that you are not getting into something that will break your budget and have you ruining your credit score. It will also make sure that you are attempting to purchase a vehicle you can’t afford.

At our dealership, we want you to have your dream car but we also don't want it to cause a nightmare on  your bank account! 

At our dealership, we want you to have your dream car but we also don’t want it to cause a nightmare on your bank account. That is why we slow the process down and double check everything to ensure that your next vehicle purchase is the right one for you. Using our financing tools, you can secure a used car loan that won’t break your budget and will bring you down the path of sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle you love.

In order to take advantage of our service center and all of the services it provides, give us a call or visit us today. Whatever your automotive needs, we are here to help!

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