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  • Kurt Johnson

    This is me in the digital flesh. I was "raised" in the car business with my family owning Johnson Motors Chevrolet Oldsmobile and Cadillac. Cool new cars were literally in my back yard. I loved working at the dealership and held many positions there from when i was twelve right through college at Penn State. After graduation, I held used car and sales management position.

    Next, I was co-owner and dealer of Johnson Nissan-Saab in DuBois from 1986 through 1995. That arduous experience convinced me to focus on where my real enjoyment was...used cars. Every used car and truck is different and new challenge. I believe that used vehicles are the better consumer choice by far! 

    I have a son Erik and a daughter Dana, both smart and too independent to follow me in the business. My lovely partner Mindy (who also grew up automotive) works very closely with me (literally 7 feet away) and we try to keep things positive and light at Kurt Johnson Auto Sales. 

    We are focused on growing, training, professionalism, and above all...providing an outstanding customer experience

  • Jennie Fitzgerald
    Sales & Finance

    Otherwise known as the "SHAZAM" girl, I have been in the car business for over 20 years (hard to believe since I am only 30.) I specialize in finance and not to brag BUT I am the BEST OF ALL TIME at it! I have been here at Kurt Johnson Auto Sales since day 1 and am very proud of that! My customer base is huge and ever-growing! And, I truly appreciate every single one of my customers and appreciate how loyal they all are! I consider them to be friends. When I'm not SHAZAMIN' at work, When I'm not hanging out with my kids and hubby I am running my horse rescue in beautiful, Hazen, PA. Selling cars like candy bars SHAZAM!!

  • James Bonante
    Sales & Finance

    James Bo "The Millennial" here - ready to assist you with your car buying needs. I've been a part of the Kurt Johnson crazy crew for the past 8 years and let me say - It's been quite the ride! (Pun intended!) As a customer of Kurt's first, I know first hand that we are selling quality vehicles.  

    As for the job - when it comes to financing, I'm your guy! Always working my hardest to ensure that EVERY customer leaves a happy customer. 

  • Kevin Brown
    Sales & Finance

    "Downtown" Kevin Brown is busting back into the car business! You probably recognize Kevin's voice as soon as you hear it from his years on the radio. Kevin is a fixture at Kurt Johnson Auto Sales and is excited to have had the chance to join the team at Kurt Johnson Auto Sales!

  • Denny Hunter
    Finance Manager

    Hi! I'm Denny Hunter, I'm glad to say I've been active in the auto financing business for 40 years and I'm still enjoying myself! Being with Kurt and the crew at Kurt Johnson Auto Sales has been an extremely active and entertaining experience. They are exactly what they claim to be, sincere, honest and entertaining - never a dull moment here at Kurt Johnson Auto Sales! Stop in soon and be part of "the experience"  

  • Bob Ferringer

    Retired from selling cars. Love to work with these crazy people helping them sells cars. I retired from the Army. I like to go to my camp hunting and spending time with my girlfriend Karen. It feels great to be retired - almost. 

  • Lexi Cameron

    I am the glue that holds the internet and sales staff together. I am new to the car business but love learning more and more everyday! When I'm not at work I love being outdoors, hanging with my friends and family, and my dog Koda!

  • Eve Camuso
    Service Manager

    I'm the service manger / office manager. I love keeping all our inventory and customer vehicles in tip-top shape. I am a graduate of Penn State University and have worked in the auto industry for over 25 years! 

  • Dayton Nixon
    Service Tech

    I served in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam Era. 1971 to 1975 as a missile mechanic. I belong to the American Legion Riders Chapter 17 here in DuBois. I have been Chaplin for around 4 years now and also hold position as Vice President .We continue to serve our Military by helping our wounded warriors and their families. I have been an auto mechanic since Jan. 1987 and have worked out of this same building and bays ever since. It's been said that I can bend a piece of pipe around your neck, well it's possible, but the pipe bending machine won't let me!

  • Tyler Connelly
    Service Tech

    Being an only child, I had alot of time to take things apart and put them back together. I started by taking electronics apart to figure out how they work. Usually I couldn't get them back together so they ended up in the trash. I cannot stand being inside so as I grew up and everything got the hang of it, I moved on to bicycles, lawn mowers, and eventually cars. I am always challenging myself with bigger, more complicated projects. I enjoy spending most of my time with my wife and four kids and the rest of my time doing something awesome! 

  • Greg Clark

    Sports, cigars, yard work and firewood!  

  • Jim Kaufman

    I help my good buddy Kurt J out in the detail department. Myself and a bunch of guys give Kurt's car the sparkle and shine worthy of a "BIG SHAZAM!" I've worked for and known Kurt for over twenty years now. Not only is he a great boss, he's even a better friend. No one in the car business does it better and more honest then Kurt and his staff. When I'm not shinning up your new ride I'm hanging out with my best gal Val and thinking about the next round of golf or skiing down the mountain. I'm a homer...go Patriots!   

  • Ricky Carlson

    The name is Ricky! I detail cars for the American working man, cause that's what I am and that's who I care about.